Simulate impact performance of designs faster

Altair's Impact Simulation Director (ISD) solutions empower engineers and designers to simulate the impact performance of designs faster to cost-effectively produce higher-quality products. ISD solutions automate the laborious, manual tasks associated with model setup, analysis, post-processing and reporting.Highly tailored to an organization's specific procedures and best practices, Altair's ISD solutions reduce development time and costs while enhancing product robustness and performance.

"We have been able to reduce our virtual testing time significantly. The Impact Simulation Director is fully integrated into our design process and has allowed our engineers to concentrate on research and development, not consumed with model building and set up tasks.”

- Omkar Dole, FEA Scientist II, Amcor Rigid PlasticsMore about this story

Solution Highlights:

  • Reduces impact simulation time by up to 60%
    accelerating development/minimizing cost.
  • Captures knowledge and best practices in standard workflow processes.
  • Increases reliability and repeatability of impact simulation
    results enterprise wide.
  • Provides an easy to learn, user-friendly interface that
    streamlines the analysis process.
  • Generates reports of issues in PowerPoint or Excel to provide
    feedback to design teams

Ideal for Organizations that:

  • Perform frequent impact/ drop test simulations on manufactured products, such as electronic devices or appliances.
  • Are interested in shortening analysis cycle and learning curves
    for product teams.
  • Need to establish best practices and standardized results
    across enterprise.


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