TROY, Mich.-(BUSINESS WIRE) - July 28, 2003 - Altair Engineering, a global leader in product design consulting, engineering software and high-performance computing technology, and Ansoft Corporation, a leading developer of high-performance electronic design automation (EDA) software, today announced that Altair's HarnessLink® wiring harness and system design tools will be fully integrated with Ansoft's SIMPLORER® simulation software.

The integration of HarnessLink and SIMPLORER provides automotive, aerospace and marine manufacturers a complete design environment for electrical distribution systems. HarnessLink's sophisticated data management capabilities and SIMPLORER's fast and efficient system analysis engine allow design engineers to analyze a wide range of vehicle configurations with a high degree of automation. The combined solution allows engineers to size and validate a vehicle electric system and to identify design trade-offs by performing what-if studies in rapid succession.

"The shorter time required for simulation means that issues can be detected earlier," said Tony Norton, director, electrical & mechatronics for Altair Engineering. "The acceleration of the process even allows simulation to be used as a design tool and not just for verification".

Altair's award-winning HarnessLink takes a unique datacentric approach to systems, wiring, and component engineering; storing all design decisions from the functional level through to physical build in one place. HarnessLink provides management of product options and harness variants, shortening the time it takes automotive and aerospace engineers to complete development of complex electrical systems. HarnessLink offers build and editing tools for physical wiring data and integrates with existing CAD tool investments.

Ansoft's SIMPLORER is the new paradigm for the virtual prototyping of large-scale electrical, electromechanical and other multi-domain systems commonly found in the automotive, aerospace, power and drives industries. SIMPLORER can quickly analyze the electrical performance, heating of wires and provide overall system level analysis of the electrical distribution system.

Ansoft Corporation's Product Marketing Manager Mark Ravenstahl adds, "SIMPLORER's proven and stable numerical algorithms, new VHDL-AMS modeling capability and ability to integrate seamlessly into design flows have allowed our customers to significantly shorten design cycles. The combination with HarnessLink is a great way for designers to streamline their design processes, accelerate the design and analysis of a wide range of vehicle electrical configurations, ultimately leading to increased performance and quality in the product.

Michael Kidder

Altair Engineering, Inc.


John Arnold

Ansoft Corporation



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