Our aerospace engineering experience incorporates a wide variety of components and structures, including complex aircraft engine design, CFD analysis, optimization and validation.

Turbo Machinery CFD Assessments:
Determination of unsteady pressure fields to evaluate surface pressures in a turbo machine stage or helicopter rotor blades

Axial & Radial Flow Compressor Performance:
Predict the transient internal flow (e.g. stall and choke) and heat transfer for a thermo mechanical analysis

Turbine Blade & Disks Optimization:
Blade profile or root thermo mechanical optimization incorporating mapped CFD pressures and centrifugal loads. Disks mistuning minimization by optimal placement of manufacturing characteristics.

TurboManager: Bespoke Tool:
Analytical estimation of hysteresis, macro-slip (Coulomb) and micro-slip (Fretting), peak stress and equivalent viscous damping determination, lifting

Fracture Mechanics & Lifing Assessments:
Crack initiation, propagation, stress & strain-based lifting and cumulative damage

Structure Optimization:
Industry leaders, with over a decade of expertise in applying structural optimization to minimize weight and maximize structural (e.g. blade root profile) or flow performance (i.e. internal flow paths)

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

Dreamliner Delamination: Aircraft Designers Turn to Simulation to Avert Issues

I recently provided insights on Boeing’s delamination issue to EETimes.com’s Military & Aerospace DesignLine, discussing the challenges experienced when moving to different manufacturing methods and new materials. Learn more >>


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